We’re Celebrating Four!

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God is good and brings JOY!


We’re coming up on our fourth year of marriage. If you’re married and around my age, most likely you’ve been married more than four years. It’s comfortable being married to the same person a long time–I was married for 40 years the first time.


…there is a calm. A steadiness.


I once heard marriage likened as one river flowing into another. That in the joining, there is turbulence with swift currents running against each other. After many years of working through the rapids and ruffles of the joining of the two rivers–marriage–there is a calm. A steadiness.


The ruffles and joining of two rivers was now complete.






In my first marriage, we finally learned we didn’t need to win every argument, be right every time. The ruffles and joining of two rivers was now complete. At the end of that 40 year marriage, there wasn’t anything unsaid. I really missed Bill when he moved to his eternal home. I didn’t believe I’d ever find another man who I could love and respect like him. But I did.







Being a newlywed in your sixties is more fun than when you’re nineteen. I think the lyrics to a song, love is wasted on the young..is true. I appreciated being with a living, breathing person after being alone. Someone to enjoy a new recipe I’d tried. A movie. Sharing insights from a good book. Making love. We hadn’t even gotten past the newlywed phase when Blair was abruptly taken in death.


I missed having a life partner.


Yet again, I didn’t believe I’d find another who was as good, loving, and kind. It was difficult living alone, and though I made a life for myself, I missed having a life partner.

Lovely rememberance.


Four years ago last summer, I wrote down some things that I really wanted in a mate, should God bring someone into my life. First, I wanted him to be crazy in love with me. Second, he would love God more than I did–which is a lot. Third, that I’d love him and we’d be compatible. Miracle of miracles, we found each other and every one of those desires I’d written down came true with Jim.



It’s the person not the places that’s most important.


Now, we’re close to celebrating four years of marriage. It has been good. We’ve traveled many places. Explored our country and beyond. Seeing new sights is exciting. But the best part is having a partner and lover to explore these sites. It’s the person not the places that’s most important. We enjoy each other!


I’m grateful to God for the four years we’ve been given.


As we begin our fifth year of marriage, I don’t know the future–as does anyone. I’m grateful to God for these four years. We’re no longer newlyweds. We’ve traveled together. I’ve depended on Jim to take care of me when I was healing from broken bones. We’ve shared our families. Best of all, we worship God together–the most important part of our relationship.


We can trust…


So this week, we’re going to celebrate the four years we’ve had together. We hope for many more. This we know. We can trust the God who brought us together for whatever time is given to us.

Four years and counting!


I’m reminded of an old hymn that comforted me when I was deep in grief during the losses of dear ones. I’ve not paid attention to the last verse until today, and I’ll share it here.


What’er my God ordains is right:

Here shall my stand be taken;

Though sorrow, need, or death be mine,

Yet am I not forsaken.

My Father’s care is round me there;

He holds me that I shall not fall:

And so to Him I leave it all. (Samuel Rodigast, 1675)

And so to Him I leave it all…..


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  1. Congratulations, Jim & Shirley.
    Thank you for sharing your journey!

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