Let’s Take A Walk….And Enjoy Spring!

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There was honey in the air.


Don’t you love Spring? I do! Spring is absolutely the best time to enjoy flowers in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday morning, with the sun warming our backs, we took our morning walk. It was a glorious one. The birds sang and made me want to sing. There were blossoming trees everywhere, with the scent of honey in the air.



The King Alfred trumpet their beauty…


In my imagination I pretend flowers have personalities. The tall and seemingly arrogant King Alfred daffodils seem to trumpet their beauty with their noses. I think they look down at the pretty jonquils. The snub-nosed jonquils look up to their cousins the daffodils, and say, “We’re important, too.”

Arrogant Daffodils

These Daffodils have peach colored noses. Somehow, they don’t seem so arrogant.











There’s purple….


There’s the lavender wisteria bursting with blooms that flow like a purple stream. They smell delicious!


There’s pink….


Let’s go to the pink flowers. I’m amazed at the variety of colors. From the palest of pinks, to the deepest pink of the Camellia and Bleeding Hearts.


Pale pink Rhodie

Delicate Dogwood










Bleeding Hearts

Pink Tulips





















There’s red….


I’m not done! There are the red flowers too.

Red Rhododendron

Red and Yellow Tulips













Don’t you agree with me Spring is the most inviting of seasons? Here’s one last splash of flowers.


The forecast is for rain today, but I’ll bet you have time to take a walk between showers. Enjoy the flowers! I am!

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  1. Good morning Shirley,
    What a lovely collection of flower photographs! Your writing is always beautiful and meaningful and the surprise of so many photos made me feel as if I was experiencing the delight in God’s amazing creativity in creating them , and drawn to praise along with you!
    Grace and peace to you!

  2. Thank you Shirley…I sure enjoyed going for a spring walk with you. My yard is just as colorful…even the yellow dandelions! Spring is my favorite time of year, as well.

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