A Prudent Choice

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We strolled along the Sandy River


We went on a hike yesterday to Ramona Falls in the Mt Hood National Forest. It was a cool day and a great day for a hike. The sun was hidden behind gray clouds and as we began our hike at 2500 feet, it was  foggy. We strolled along the Sandy River–very close to where it was born in the Sandy Glacier. Slate gray, the river was narrow and filled with rocks and logs. There were warning signs everywhere. “Attention. There is no bridge crossing the Sandy River. Do so at your own risk!”


I was ready to go


Hmmm. I thought. I don’t remember not having a bridge the last time we were up here. Of course, I was forty-two years old, so guess how long ago that was! Jim said he didn’t remember a bridge not being there five years ago when he last hiked the trail. Oh well, it will be fine. I told myself. I was wearing hiking shoes and had my walking stick. I was ready to go. As we walked along the trail, we could hear the Sandy roaring somewhere below us. We stopped for a better view.


Sandy River in Mt Hood National Forest


My inner voice screamed–Don’t do this!


After a mile, we reached the crossing. There was a large log across the river with a smaller one above it, sort of like a hand rail, although you had to lean forward to grasp it. It wasn’t real steady–it kind of rocked. Jim crossed first. I didn’t like how he had to straddle the log, push up and stand and then carefully turn his body around to face the skinny upper tree. OK. I can do this. I’ve done it before. I told myself. But my inner voice said–screamed more like–Don’t do this. You’ll crash into the water and break something! I ignored both of those voices clamoring for my attention and  stepped to the spot where Jim got on. I straddled the snag on the log, carefully stood up and turned around. But that skinny tree that was my handrail was so far away. And I’d have to lean forward and awkwardly side-step across the log above the river! I got off the log–carefully. Let two women cross before me who were about my age. Certainly if they can do it, I can! So up I got up on the log bridge again. I really tried to cross, but could not! I waved to Jim and called out, “I can’t do this. I’m sorry.” He nodded and proceeded to cross back to my side of the river. “I’m really sorry. I don’t want you to think I’m a chicken, but I just can’t do it!”


The crossing. See those tiny figures on the other side? They were the brave women who crossed. Not me!


You were an eagle


He shook his head and in a firm voice said, “I didn’t think you a chicken at all, but an eagle, for being honest. I really didn’t want you to try, but didn’t want to stop you if that’s what you wanted to do. I certainly didn’t want you to fall and break something.” Wow. What a man I’m married to. He totally supported me in my fears of crossing the river. We turned around and hiked back to the car, not completing our plans of seeing Ramona Falls.


We enjoyed the trail. Admiring huge house-sized rocks. The sun started peering through the clouds, warming the air.

Rock settling down right next to the trail.


It  tasted as good as I remembered


We didn’t see Ramona Falls, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying huckleberry pie at the same named restaurant in Government Camp, near Timberline. It tasted as good as when we finished climbing to the top of Hood in years past.

Try their pies–they’re great!


A prudent choice

We didn’t make it to our destination, but we got out into God’s beautiful creation–my favorite place to be. A prudent choice, not crossing the river, we both think.


My soul thirsts for God


I love the verse in the Psalms.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God? Psalm 42:1-2


God understands


In answer to the question: When can I go and meet with God?  For me, it’s the great outdoors. God is so good and helps me make prudent choices. Jim understood my fears and better than him, God understands.







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  1. Wise choice!

  2. Sometimes we are bravest when we say “no”.
    Very glad you listened to that voice.

  3. So happy you were wise to know when to stop and not try to figure out another way to get across. God was whispering in your ear that you could not make it and you stopped. I am thankful you have a wonderful husband that would not criticize you for making the decision to stop!! You had good time anyway stopping for the wonderful huckleberry pie!! So glad you safely got home!!!

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